Monday, April 22, 2013

A Soft Landing...

This is a new blog dedicated to my adventures in peaceful homemaking and living.

I hope to share with you my ideas on:
 ~ vegetarian cooking and baking 
~ awesome natural cleaning ideas
~ gardening and GYO (grow your own) food
~ time and space saving tricks
~ easy, inexpensive decorating ideas
~ and many more helpful home tips

And, most importantly, giving yourself grace along the way.
This is what A Soft Landing is all about.

It's a place of peaceful, comfortable living, where our family lands at the end of the day - our home.
It's about going easy on yourself, and realizing that, some days, there are more important things to do than housework.
It's about balance, in a world that's forgotten what that is.
It's all about doing your best for your family, but giving yourself grace to enjoy your beautiful life.

I invite you to share in my peaceful homemaking and living journey.

~ Christina I. Niccum ~

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